Favorite at Coverings

Favorite at Coverings

Coverings 2010 was held in Orlando, Florida.  The size of the show itself was down regarding space filled in previous years, and research and development generally appeared scaled back.  There were two outfits that brought something notable to the table, Rookwood and Tabarka Studios.

I can only note that Rookwood is on the verge of releasing a tile line.  What exactly will be available is not clear yet, nor the distribution channel.  However, I can mention that they are very close in reproducing original colors without the benefit of lead.  Also,  they have copies of original molds to reproduce the fabulous Rookwood decorative tile.  I will forward images as I receive them.

Tabarka Studios is sticking with their soft glazes and adding to their traditional European decorative patterns.  I gave Tabarka my vote as “the most beautiful booth at Coverings award”, I’m still working on a trophy though.  In the meantime enjoy a little eye candy.

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