Frequently Asked Questions

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If I choose to work with Norberry Tile & Fixture what is the process?

First you want to make an appointment to come into our showroom. Once we are in the appointment we will go over what you are looking for and go through design options. When you have chosen the perfect tile and/or fixture we will place orders.

Once my order is placed how long will it take create and deliver the product?

Turnaround time with orders varies depending on where the tile is coming from and how the tile is made. We will be able to give you an estimated time of arrival when we know what you are ordering. Most handmade tile lines take between 4-6 weeks to manufacture. We also represent tile lines that can be sourced within 2-4 days.

Do you install?

Norberry Tile & Fixture will provide you with a preferred installer list. We do not install.

Does Norberry Tile & Fixture sell stone?

Yes, we do and we show fine stone stocked in California.

Do you sell modern tile?

Yes, we find mid-century tile is a big influence on contemporary installations. We carry the most sophisticated solutions.

Do you show American products?

Yes, we primarily represent American products. We also represent tiles from Morocco, Portugal, and Italy.

Do you carry commercial tile?

We do, and we have several options that can be procured rather quickly that are reasonably priced.

Do you work with just the public?

We work with the trade and the public.