Norberry, Driven by Sustainable

Norberry, Driven by Sustainable


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Norberg in front of Sandhill mosaic wall


Norberry has supported sustainable surfaces, even before they were considered responsible building materials. After receiving a Sustainable Building Advisor Certificate, Craig Norberg discovered three of the most beautiful LEED qualified tile lines containing recycled material. All of Norberry’s custom ceramic tile lines originate in the USA and practice sustainable manufacturing processes, but tile lines containing at least 50% recycled content are valuable toward receiving LEED credits for sustainably built projects.

Today’s featured tile line is Sandhill Glass. Manufactured with 100% recycled glass, Sandhill tops the list for recycled content.

Its proximity within 500 miles of Seattle gives a LEED project the maximum number of points possible when utilized here in town.  Sandhill Glass products increase the overall percent content of recycled materials used on a job. A little Sandhill can go a long way toward achieving maximum LEED points.

Design tip: Since Sandhill tends to be very color-consistent, try blending several similar colors to create a dynamic colorway. A good example of this can be found on the back wall of the Norberry Tile showroom. Changing the shape and size of tile within an installation further adds to the dynamic feel.

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