Finally! After 12 years, we’ve got Subway Tile!

Finally! After 12 years, we’ve got Subway Tile!

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True Subway tile now available at Norberry Tile

Norberry Tile is pleased to finally offer subway tile, not just a 3″ x 6″ tile, but the real deal.  As a historical tile aficionado, I have been in pursuit of the perfectly squared tile edge reminiscent of when tile was extruded.  The tile is thicker, so it can be paired with most any decorative tile, and it’s straight, accommodating tight grout joints.

Dal Tile represents the cheap end with its rounded edges and thin profile commonly used in public commercial settings. L’Esperance, one of the premier tiles made in the US, offers a surgically sharp edge but their method of trimming the tile after it has been fired leads to a very expensive surface. Candy Tile, the ideal sharp edge commodity tile once manufactured in England, changed out their machinery and began producing a more expensive Dal Tile look-alike with rounded edges. Tile companies, like Norberry, refused the switch and sadly Candy disappeared.

Now, almost 12 years since  Candy Tile’s passing, we have an even better, thicker, pproprietary subway tile line that is sure to bring historical correctness back!

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